I Can’t Heal You


Something strange is happening.

When I started this blog, it was mostly to get a handle on what is going on in my head.  Of secondary importance was to gather together some of the useful resources into one place (instead of bookmarking on multiple devices).  Now it seems that I have been stuck with acting a resource myself!

Over recent weeks, as I have gone googling for answers or help, I keep finding this blog on the first 2 pages of hits, usually multiple times.  This is very disconcerting because a) if I already knew the answers Mr. Google, I wouldn’t be asking you for them and b) there are no doubt other people out there who are looking for answers who, instead, find this!

Hello, whoever you are.

I’m sorry, but I probably don’t have any answers for you.  Blame Google.  Blame other bloggers who don’t bother to add search terms to their posts.  Blame… I dunno… someone other than me.  I never set out to be some ambient abuse guru.  And as much as I wish you well, I have no desire to wear the mantle of expert Mr. G has thrust at me.

The best I can offer you is this Links Page which may get you to something you will find useful.  And also to suggest you add “-crazyunmaking” to your search terms; that will exclude this blog from popping up needlessly.

Sorry, but I can offer no solutions, only more questions.  You may, however, take great comfort that you are not the only one searching for answers.



P.S. I did find this new resource: Dr. Seth Meyers (not the LateNight host).  He’s written a lot about relationships, especially with abusive parents.  He is 50% of Insight Is 20-20 at Psychology Today.  PT has a lot of great articles.


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